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Shine Like an Icon

Introducing the shape of the future. The creativity of Swarovski, and innovation of SKIMS, collide in each crystal curve. Amplify your confidence with this limited edition of exquisite body wear and jewelry illuminated with the brilliance of Swarovski crystals empowering every body to shine like an icon.

Crystallized Radiance

Flowing crystals body chains

Inspired by the unique shade each unfold Millenia crystal creates, the Swarovski X SKIMS body jewelry collection delivers unparalleled shine and savoir-faire. Radiate confidence in crystals with the ultimate in sophisticated glamour through size-inclusive body and belly chains in five silhouettes. Creating a bespoke hue for each wearer, and a form to fit every shape.


Shimmering sculpted style

The ultra-soft fabric second skin that delivers radiant shine and crystal confidence in every curve. Adorned with tonal Swarovski crystals to create a bespoke hue for each wearer. Choose from a range of crystal-embellished silhouettes in three colors. Dial up the look by styling with Swarovski body jewelry for a sensual, shimmering look.

Mesmerizing crystal shine

Layer these lavishly embellished creations for showstopping impact to radiate confidence through every crystal. Dare to bare with four sheer stretch-net silhouettes studded with Swarovski crystals that refract the light with maximum intensity. Choose from three covetable colors of Silver, Gold and Bubble Gum pink. Elevate the extravagance with shimmering Swarovski body jewelry and the exquisite Matrix, Millenia and Mesmera jewelry families


Luminous Stretch Net

Crystallized Comfort

Level up your loungewear with the ultra-soft embellished cotton collection, each one stylishly set with Swarovski x SKIMS crystal logos. Each piece is crafted for curves, in lightweight layers across three colors. Add impact with Swarovski jewelry and body chains for exceptional embellishment.

Supple soft Cotton separates.

Infinitely stackable style

Showcasing an unexpected fluidity, the vibrant collection explores Swarovski’s signature stones with mesmerizing brilliance. Flowing square cut crystals in rhodium-plated prongs create effortless movement perfect for a sleek silhouette, the Matrix jewelry collection features classic pieces with a modern twist.

Explore more facets of Swarovski

The Millenia Collection

The full spectrum of color erupts into the bold-yet-timeless Rivière silhouettes of Millenia. This pioneering family is a vivid and evocative reimagining of our heritage and expertise. A love letter to crystal, where science and magic meet, with endless rows of crystals in refined designs evoking a flowing crystal river, made to wear again and again.